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I am Coach Greta, your Human Performance Coach and I am ready to coach you to greatness in the game of business and life.  You may be wondering what coaching really is.  Simply put "Coaching" is a professional relationship that helps produce extraordinary results.  The self-discovery and development process of Coaching  helps you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.  I have a proven track record for helping businesses and individuals change their mindsets and behavior patterns to achieve better results.  Coaching makes it easy to learn, develop, perform and change.  [It is also a great supplement to training and helps to develop leadership and management skills.]  This process of self-discovery and self-understanding is confidential, strategic, measurable and accountable.  Here at the Center for Self-Awareness we always begin within.  We help you change from the inside out over a period of time so you can experience authentic, organic, sustainable success.

We see great potential in all.  We provide ongoing life-affirming coaching support that offers win-win solutions.  We help you identify your own unique definition of what success means to you.  For personal success we guide you to align with your heart's desires to enjoy values-based living.  For business success we assist your employees in bringing bottom line results to your organization in a way that is meaningful to them and profitable for you.  

GROUP Coaching:  We empower groups to solve their own problems. 

  •  Coach-On-Call ™ Coaching for Small to Medium Sized Businesses 
  • Something MORE ™ Group Coaching to Individuals who want to create MORE in life or business
  • Sales Coaching for start-ups, entrepreneurs, franchisees, small businesses, corporate sales teams and network marketing consultants

INDIVIDUAL Coaching: We enlighten individuals to their inherent greatness.

  • Business, Corporate & Executive Coaching 
  • Heal Your Life ® Coaching
  • Pre-Teen/Teen EmPOWERment Coaching 


We strongly believe Entrepreneurship stimulates job growth, creates new opportunities and makes people better versions of themselves.  For this reason, we offer Mentorship to Millennials who are recent college graduates that are passionate about becoming Startup Leaders and Entrepreneurs.  Since 2017 we have been working with Venture for America (VFA) a nonprofit organization and fellowship headquartered in New York City.  They are creating a clear path for emerging entrepreneurs.  Check out to see how the brightest are shaping the future of America.  

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